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Case Results

In 2020, client A.P. was on misdemeanor probation and charged with a violation for failing to appear in court and failing to comply with conditions of probation. After getting the warrant recalled and showing proof that client was back on track, the probation violation was dismissed, and client did not have any additional consequences.

In 2019, C.L. client was accused of robbery, assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury, and felony vandalism. After a preliminary hearing, the robbery charge, and several counts of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury, were dismissed. Further defense investigation revealed that law enforcement botched the investigation and it was likely the witnesses honestly, but mistakenly, believed my client was a perpetrator. In the end, the case was dismissed and a young man with a promising future did not suffer any criminal convictions.

In 2019, client T.H. and his co-defendants brought over $100,000 in cash to buy marijuana from marijuana farmers. It is a felony to possess $100,000 or more in cash to purchase controlled substances. The “marijuana farmers” turned out to be confidential informants working for law enforcement. The entire transaction was caught on video. After carefully reviewing every part of the very, David Fischer was able to identify one of the informants be piecing together limited information he revealed about himself, like his middle name, the name of a street where he lived 10 years earlier, and a town to determine his full name. This led to obtaining other information about the informant that caused the prosecutor to dismiss the felony charges against all of the defendants.

In 2019, client C.M. was charged with felony DUI with injury after looking down at his GPS and rear-ending three cars in front of him on the freeway when traffic stopped. After additional investigation into the client’s medications, it was determined that the DA could not prove he was driving under the influence and the case was dismissed.

In 2019, client J.X. was charged with felony domestic violence after a bystander called 911 to report a serious assault. The police arrived, interviewed witnesses, and arrested the client. The offer was to plead to a strike for 1 year in the county jail. After defense investigation, the case resolved for a misdemeanor and work project.

In 2019, client S.D. was on felony probation and was accused of several probation violations with an initial offer of 90 days in custody. After gathering information about the client’s circumstances, the district attorney dismissed the probation violation petition.

In 2019, client R.A. was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence charges. After gathering positive information about the client, and having him engage in counseling, the district attorney’s office agreed to dismiss the case against the client.

In 2019, our office successfully had a DUI client D.G.’s probation terminated early, and the case dismissed after 18 months.

In 2019, client E.P. was charged in a three strikes case and his bail was set a million dollars. After proving he was not a possible three-striker, bail was reduced to $50k. And after conducting defense investigation and representing client at a preliminary hearing, the case was dismissed almost immediately after being assigned to a trial attorney at the district attorney’s office.

In 2019, client I.R. was charged with a third DUI after rolling her car over in a serious accident. Our office assisted in getting her into a DUI court program that helped her address her alcohol issues and gave her the tools to control her problems with alcohol.

In 2018, client, a person seeking a license to sell alcohol where a DUI conviction would have limited their ability to obtain such a license, was charged with DUI. We were able to convince the prosecutor to offer a non-alcohol-related reckless driving conviction, which was dismiss after payment of a fine and 10 hours of community service.

In 2018, client S.H. was charged with a felony for having a loaded firearm not registered to her in public. The initial offer was a felony. The case resolved for a misdemeanor with no firearm prohibitions or any other lifetime consequences.

In 2017, client was indicted in federal court for being part of a large drug trafficking organization that would transport drugs from California to the East Coast, and then launder the proceeds back to California. After convincing the prosecutor that a criminal conviction was unwarranted, the case was dismissed after the client successfully completed one year of supervised pretrial release pursuant to a deferred prosecution agreement.

In 2017, client T.A. was accused of misdemeanor hit and run in Placer County. David Fischer was able to gather information showing the client was just involved in an accident and did not realize there was damage to county property. As a result, the district attorney’s office declined to file criminal charges.

In 2017, client was involved in a DUI collision where both vehicles were totaled. The other driver claimed to be injured, and the client was facing a possible felony DUI with injury. After defense investigation of the other driver’s injuries, the case resolved for a regular misdemeanor first DUI without injury.

In 2015, client H.C., a non-citizen, was indicted in federal court for marijuana cultivation. The case resulted in a non-prison sentence that avoided immigration consequences.

In 2014, client P.V. was facing a sentence of 20 years or more for being a career offender after being charged in federal court with manufacturing marijuana. The case resolved for a plea to a phone count, which is a reduced charge. Despite probation and the prosecutor arguing for a sentence of 4 years, the client was sentenced a year and a day, which resulted in an actual sentence of less than 1 year. This was accomplished by showing the client’s accomplishments and post-arrest rehabilitation since the case began.

In 2013, client K.G. was accused by federal agents of assisting her husband with his fraudulent scheme. Although the agents assigned to the case were pushing to indict the client, the prosecutor was convinced not to file charges against our client.

In 2013, client was indicted in federal court with methamphetamine distribution and facing a mandatory minimum sentence. Probation recommended a sentence of 46 months in federal prison. The case resolved for a plea to a reduced charge and the client was sentenced to a year and a day, which resulted in an actual sentence of less than one year.

In 2013, client was facing a 10-year mandatory minimum in federal court with marijuana cultivation. We were able to negotiate a plea to simple possession of marijuana, which then allowed us to argue for something called prejudgment probation. The result was after a year of successful probation, the case against the client was dismissed.

In 2013, a week before he was scheduled to graduate from client, client K.L. was indicted for manufacturing more than 1000 marijuana plants in federal court. He was facing a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence. We negotiated a resolution that allowed for us to argue for a sentence below 10 years. Probation recommended 37 months. After more than 2 years of successful pretrial release supervision and demonstrating that he had completely changed his life and was looking forward to a promising future, the client was sentenced to time served, which amounted to the few hours he spent in custody between his arrest in the money, and his release on bail.

Client Reviews

David had won a trial for me as a public defender years ago. I was so impressed with the way he moved the jury with his words. He was able to impeach almost every statement from my adverse was literally something out of the movie Lincoln lawyer.

Andrew T.

I wanted to say thank you again for all your support. I very much appreciate it and any client you have is very lucky to have you as an attorney.


A pleasure having you on my side! Great job and more than fair to me. Thank you very much!


We just wanted to say thank you for everything you did. Thanks a million... may your years prosper to be great.


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