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Drug Crimes

Drug Cases

David Fischer is a Placer County criminal lawyer who has experience handling all types of drug cases in Placer County, Sacramento County, and surrounding areas. Whether a client is charged with simple possession of a controlled substance, or accused of being involved in a large drug trafficking case, the Law Offices of David D. Fischer is well-equipped to defend its clients.


Drug cases present unique and interesting problems. The use of informants is a big issue. Sometimes gathering helpful information about a confidential informant can help resolve a case. For example, in 2019, David Fischer and his co-counsel were successful in identifying a confidential informant and information about his prior criminal history that helped convince the prosecutor to dismiss involving defendants bringing over $100,000 to a drug deal in an effort to purchase marijuana. All of the defendants were facing felony charges, and the case was dismissed after careful defense investigation.

The Law Office of David D. Fischer has significant experience representing clients in state and federal court charged with drug trafficking crimes.

Search Warrants

The types of information used to obtain wiretaps and search warrants are another issue. Often whether search and seizure issues exist often determine, to a large extent, what direction a drug case will take. David Fischer is a Placer County criminal attorney serving Placer County, Sacramento County, and surrounding areas, with the experience to challenge search warrants based on false information contained in search warrant affidavits.

Motion to Suppress Evidence Seized Without a Warrant

The Fourth Amendment requires law enforcement to seize evidence pursuant to a search warrant, but there are many exceptions to the warrant requirement. If evidence is unlawfully seized without a warrant by law enforcement, motions can be filed to suppress evidence. The result is that certain illegally obtained evidence cannot be used at trial, and the result is that the prosecutor is forced to dismiss the case. David Fischer is a criminal lawyer serving Placer County, Sacramento County, and surrounding areas with the experience to identify cases where it is appropriate to file a motion to suppress.

Evidence Collection and Handling

The investigative methods used to collect evidence and preserve the chain of custody are sometimes issues in drug cases. Since drugs are fungible, meaning one gram of cocaine looks like any other gram of cocaine, it is important for law enforcement to create a chain of custody to prove that the drugs they claim to have found in the possession of a client are the ones being presented to the jury at trial. Sometimes there are issues with evidence collection and handling that can be used to create a legal defense.

Alternatives to Convictions

For simple possession cases, there are drug diversion programs that available to certain offenders that can prevent a person from receiving a criminal conviction. It is important to be knowledgeable about all the alternatives to prosecution. David Fischer is a criminal lawyer serving Placer County, Sacramento County, and surrounding counties who is knowledgeable about possible alternatives to criminal convictions in drug cases.

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David had won a trial for me as a public defender years ago. I was so impressed with the way he moved the jury with his words. He was able to impeach almost every statement from my adverse was literally something out of the movie Lincoln lawyer.

Andrew T.

I wanted to say thank you again for all your support. I very much appreciate it and any client you have is very lucky to have you as an attorney.


A pleasure having you on my side! Great job and more than fair to me. Thank you very much!


We just wanted to say thank you for everything you did. Thanks a million... may your years prosper to be great.


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