Over 16-Years Handling DUI Cases

David Fischer is a Placer County criminal attorney who has been handling DUI, DUI with injury, and other serious vehicular cases since 2003.

Common Issues in DUI Cases

For all DUI cases, the first issue is whether the officer had a reasonable suspicion to have contact with the defendant. Other issues are whether it can be proven that the defendant was driving, and that he or she was either driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, or whether his or her blood alcohol content was at .08% or higher. Possible defenses include issue such as whether a person was witnessed actually driving, and what procedures were used to obtain blood or breath test results.

Search and Seizure Issues

David Fischer is a Placer County criminal lawyer who has experience reviewing cases to determine whether motions should be filed seeking to have evidence suppressed as a result of unlawful police misconduct, or for other reasons, which could lead to a case being dismissed.

First DUI

For a first DUI conviction, a person is facing informal probation, jail or alternative sentencing, fines and fees, an alcohol education program, license suspension, and the installation of an ignition interlock device. Some counties require participation in a Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Program. There are other enhanced penalties for other conduct such as if a person’s blood alcohol level is over .15%, over .20%, if there was an accident, or if minors were involved. Although there are standard dispositions for certain DUI cases, each client’s situation is unique provides opportunities to try and minimize the consequences of a DUI conviction. It is important to have an attorney explore all of these issues. David Fischer is a Placer County criminal lawyer who has represented many clients charged with DUI since 2003.

Second DUI

A second DUI conviction comes with a mandatory minimum sentence. Some counties, such as Sacramento, require that 4 days actually be done in jail, and the rest can be done on alternative sentencing. The second DUI conviction also comes with a fine, installation of an ignition interlock device, an 18 to 30-month alcohol education program, and other consequences. There are enhanced penalties depending on how recent the first DUI conviction occurred, the blood alcohol level, whether there was an accident, or if minors were involved. David Fischer is a criminal attorney experienced in handling DUI cases in Placer County, Sacramento County, Nevada County, Yolo County, and El Dorado County.

Third DUI

With a third DUI, there is a minimum 120-day sentence. Depending on the county, a person may be required to serve some portion of the sentence in jail. There are fines, an 18 to 30-month DUI class, driver license suspension, and other consequences. By the time a person is facing a third DUI, drastic and immediate steps must be taken to put a person is the best possible position for court. David Fischer is a Placer County criminal lawyer who is experienced helping clients in third DUI cases.

Fourth DUI

A fourth DUI can, and usually is, charged as a felony. There are enhanced penalties that are much more severe than misdemeanor DUIs. It is crucial to retain an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. The Law Offices of David D. Fischer is experienced in defending clients charged in felony DUI cases.

DUI With Injury

A DUI with injury can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. It can take just a moment of inattention for someone to find themself charged with DUI with injury. A simple rear-end collision from looking down at a cell phone can result in someone claiming to have a sore neck, which can cause a person to be charged with DUI with injury. It is important to investigate these situations as soon as possible to determine whether it is possible to have the case not filed as a DUI with injury. The consequences of a DUI with injury are significant. My office is experienced handling these types of cases. David Fischer is a Placer County criminal lawyer serving Placer County and surrounding areas.

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David had won a trial for me as a public defender years ago. I was so impressed with the way he moved the jury with his words. He was able to impeach almost every statement from my adverse witness....it was literally something out of the movie Lincoln lawyer.

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I wanted to say thank you again for all your support. I very much appreciate it and any client you have is very lucky to have you as an attorney.


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