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White Collar Crimes

Pre-Charging Decisions

In federal cases, it is important to hire an attorney at the earliest possible stage. Clients often discover they may be the target of a federal investigation when agents visit and ask to talk to them. If a person suspects they are being investigated for a crime, it is important to hire a federal criminal defense lawyer immediately. The sooner a federal criminal defense attorney is involved, the sooner a plan can be developed. Sometimes a resolution can be reached prior to the government formally filing charges. David Fischer is a Sacramento federal criminal lawyer serving the Eastern District of California and surrounding areas.

White Collar Federal Cases

White collar federal cases typically involve voluminous discovery and complicated allegations. Examples include fraud and Ponzi schemes, bank fraud, wire and mail fraud, credit card schemes, identity theft, tax crimes, and other crimes. David Fischer is a Sacramento federal criminal lawyer who has experience representing clients in large federal criminal cases in the Eastern District of California.

Bail and Detention Hearings in Federal Cases

If a person is charged with a federal crime, the prosecutor will either seek to have the person arrested, or send a notice to appear. If a person is arrested, it is up to a federal magistrate judge to decide whether to detain them pending a trial, release them on personal recognizance, or release on conditions such as a secured or unsecured bond with other conditions of release. The sooner a federal criminal lawyer is involved, the better prepared a person can be for the initial appearance in federal court, and the chances are increased that a person is not detained in jail pending the outcome of their case. David Fischer is a Sacramento federal criminal attorney with extensive experience helping clients at all stages of their case, including detention hearings.

Pretrial Discovery

If charges are filed, the government produces discovery. Discovery consists of the relevant investigative reports and copies of items seized pursuant to an arrest or a search and seizure warrant. A working on knowledge of the discovery rules is necessary to formulate a defense. Some of the items include a client’s statement, their criminal record, documents and tangible objects, scientific reports, summaries of expert witness testimony, witness statements, and exculpatory material. David Fischer is a federal criminal lawyer serving Sacramento and the Eastern District of California with a significant federal practice.

Defense and Trial Preparation

The Law Offices of David D. Fischer is a Sacramento area federal criminal defense law firm that utilizes a wide variety of legal research and software products to review and organize voluminous discovery in federal cases. Getting a handle on what is involved is crucial formulating the defense.

Defense Investigation and Experts

The use of investigators and other experts in white collar cases to gather and organize information that is important to the defense is crucial Taking witness statements, gathering documents, and evaluating the government’s investigative techniques are used to evaluate and defend a client in federal court. David Fischer is a Sacramento federal criminal lawyer who often accompanies defense investigators to conduct witness interviews and perform other investigative tasks.

Sentencing Mitigation

If a person is convicted either by entering a guilty plea or by being found guilty after trial, the last significant event at the trial court is sentencing. The judge determines the sentence by first calculating the guidelines range with the input of probation, the government, and the defense, and by taking it into account before determining a final sentence. The sentencing court then determines whether there is a reason to vary or depart above or below the recommended sentencing range in imposing the final sentence. Preparing for the sentencing hearing gives the defense the opportunity to show the court all of a person’s good characteristics so that it has all of the information necessary to impose the sentence. My office has been involved in federal criminal cases since 2009, and is experienced presenting the best information about our clients to the court.

Client Reviews

David had won a trial for me as a public defender years ago. I was so impressed with the way he moved the jury with his words. He was able to impeach almost every statement from my adverse was literally something out of the movie Lincoln lawyer.

Andrew T.

I wanted to say thank you again for all your support. I very much appreciate it and any client you have is very lucky to have you as an attorney.


A pleasure having you on my side! Great job and more than fair to me. Thank you very much!


We just wanted to say thank you for everything you did. Thanks a million... may your years prosper to be great.


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